About the KBF

About the KBF

President Search:

The board of directors is seeking a person to serve as President & CEO of the Kentucky Baptist Foundation.  Interested persons will find information relevant to the job and qualifications in the links below. 

KBF President/CEO Job Description
KBF President/CEO Desirable Characteristics
KBF President/CEO Minimum Requirements
Model Standards of a Charitable Gift Planner

Resumes should be mailed to:

Kentucky Baptist Foundation
President Search Committee

P.O. Box 436389
Louisville, KY 40253-6389 

The Kentucky Baptist Foundation provides charitable gift consultation services for individuals and investment management oversight and accounting services to Kentucky and Southern Baptist-related churches, associations, institutions and agencies and certain other IRC §501(c)(3) organizations.

You can access information about these and other services by choosing one of the links to the right.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 436389
Louisville, KY 40253-6389 

Office Address:
13420 Eastpoint Centre Drive
Louisville KY 40223

1-866-489-3533 (KY only)
(502) 489-3533